Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care and Renal Center

With the press breaking the story in the papers tomorrow morning, we would like to go ahead and share our legacy gift in Addison's honor at Kosair Children's Hospital. We were so fortunate with all the fundraising and help our family received during Addison's journey. After everything was taken care of we had a significant amount of money left over from the fundraising. We decided to take that money and turn it into life insurance policies to be made payable upon our death. This was a great way to take one gift and turn it into something much, much bigger. We felt obligated to use that money in a way that everyone would be proud of and feel a part of. The money raised by YOU made this policy as a gift possible. We want everyone to know that this is not only a gift from us but essentially this is a gift from everyone who gave during Addison's courageous fight. We thank you and hope you take pride in the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care and Renal Center at Kosair Children's Hospital.


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Ashlee Tomes

October 20, 2011

I am SO proud of you all!  This is just incredible, and I'm sure it will continue to be an AMAZING blessing to all!!  Congratulations!!


Wes and Kelly

October 23, 2011

Thanks Ashlee! It could not have been possible without all the support from the community and surrounding communities. We thank you and everyone else out there for all the support our family was shown during Addison's battle.

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